Who or what is INSTAR?

INSTAR is an upcoming family business based in the UK to provide high quality model paint for hobbyists and professionals alike at highly competitive prices worldwide.

We started the idea after speaking to several painters who put forward issues that they were having with the brand of paint they normally use to paint their models, they also told us the positives of some of these brands. We listened and decided to put together the best of each brand without the negatives into one, simple to use package.

We have worked on multiple colour shades comparable to major manufacturers in easy to use applicators, and because we will have an entirely online presence means we will have much lower overheads than our competitors meaning we can pass the savings on, the idea being that the larger the size you buy the cheaper it becomes.

There is no limit on size however, one of the biggest concerns were people having to buy quite a few products of the same shade to do base colouring, here at INSTAR we solved that issue by supplying shades in 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100ml sizes regardless of the colour, so if you need one colour to basecoat an entire army, you can just buy the one large size instead of multiple smaller items.

The super small applicator also allows micro precision for painters who like to mix colours, with minimal pressure on the bottle, you can dispense super tiny drops of paint to just get that right amount of tint in your colour instead of constantly going back and forth between colours.

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  • Shades comparable (up to 99%) accurate to major brands
  • Squeezable bottles
  • Various sizes so you can order smaller sizes for colours you use less of and larger sizes for those that you use more of
  • Super small nozzle for accurate dispensing
  • Lower costs than competitors without comprimising quality
  • Pre-thinned - Upto 20% thinner than major brands
  • No harsh chemicals required to clean brushes and surfaces, just plain, warm water

extra small dispenser

Super small dispenser

Our super small dispenser for INSTAR paints allows for micro presicion droplets to be dispensed with ease for excellent colour mixing results or for times when you only need a tiny amount of paint.

Vibrant colours

Not only does the INSTAR paint range give you names that make it easy to pick the right shade you need, the colours are vibrant and dry to a solid finish that really makes your models stand out on the table!

Excellent Coverage

Although pre-thinned, INSTAR paint does not compromise on quality and give superb coverage on models as well as giving excellent mileage on even the smallest amount of paint.



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