The thing about black...

When I created the first batch of colours for the INSTAR paint range, most of the feedback from my testers was that the Obsidian Black I supplied was more like a dark grey which I had to admit, it wasn't quite as black as i'd liked it to be. Going back to the drawing board and trying some new variables, The new shade is much blacker than its first incarnation, while not as black as Games Workshop Abbadon black, it is extremely close. (Original shade on the Left, New shade on the Right)

As you can see on the test marine, the new black is indistinguishable from the Games Workshop Abbadon Black while giving good coverage and the same style of sheen. So although on paper the difference is noticable side by side, when painted onto a model, the difference is very hard to tell!

(New shade on the Right, Abbadon Black on the Left)

Meet the family

One of the things that has interested people the most about this range and indeed the thing that has stood out the most is that we can provide major brand colour shades to 99% accuracy in various sizes, not just a one size fits all range.

This became a big talking point on the forum with people being interested from all across the world, the fact that you wouldn't need to buy 8 pots of paint and you could just buy one big bottle instead for basecoating your models at almost half the price it would cost you to get it from a major brand or reseller, for some people was just mindblowing!

But we didn't stop there, we are going to be supplying our paint in 100ml, 50ml, 20ml, 10ml and 5ml sizes, so if there is a paint you really need, but you're only going to use a very tiny amount of it, you can just order a single 5ml bottle, or if you have an army of orks to paint, you're going to need a lot of green, so you can save time and money by purchasing a larger 100ml bottle.

Got young children? Don't panic!

We will also be suppling our paints with child proof caps, this was partly down to myself having a yound child who would love nothing more than to use a purpose mixed model paint to do her pictures with rather than the poster paint we bought her!

And with our super small dispensing nozzles, you'll get the perfect amount of paint everytime no matter what size bottle you choose to purchase when we get the store up and running.

INSTAR Vintage

INSTAR Vintage will be a new line we'll be adding soon as we have been getting several requests recently regarding old colours that are not available anymore. Since we can match up colours accurately we decided that we could bring these shades back to market. 

However, we did have a bit of an issue in the fact that some of these colours are really hard to find nowadays given that they are not produced anymore. Fortunately one of the local gaming clubs that I frequent had someone in there who'd heard about the project and gave me a parcel at the end of the night which contained almost 90 old paints from at least the last 20 years. He felt that I could do with it more since he was taking a break from the hobby and that what we were doing was a noble venture.

The Foundation Paint set that was included was incredibly rare as we hadn't been able to find one for sale anywhere, we were surprised to find that the paints were still in pretty good condition and one of the colours, Charadon Granite, was still suitable to be painted with. Given that this shade has no equal (Not even Vallejo or Army Painter have a close match), we feel confident that we'll be able to bring this colour back and have it on sale soon!

If you feel like helping, you can always give us an email and we'll send you the list of what we need or alternatively, you can contact us at the Dakka forums where we have posted this list (It's quite long......)

INSTAR Vintage - The list of colours needed


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